We have a Choir Member!

Simply a Family Update

Today was blessed in all the wonderful ways a worship service day could be.

The lesson preached by the Executive Minister reminding us to have solid faith, worship God when it is time to worship, remain amongst those with the right to worship and to instill this in our families – what a beautiful reminder of how much we are loved.

The pastoral letter encouraging all of us to pray together and trust in God’s protection even though this world is completely vile and terrifying – what a hopeful reminder of again, how much we truly have.

The little boy who performed his duty as a children’s choir member for the very first time – what a strong reminder of how fast time goes by, and how it’s important to start our relationship with God and nurture it.

Y’all just don’t understand. When this lil’ man was 5 years old, his answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” has always been: a choir member. (Technically, he would answer: “A choir-for”.  I have no idea how that word came to be.)

No matter how many times I would gently correct him “No no, choir member. Choir mem-bbbbbeeerrr”

He still would answer, “Choir-for”.

And today, lil’ man was officially, a choir-for.

He has “grown up”.

Life is good. Real real good.

It’s funny how he thinks that being a choir member is his job. J-O-B. Oh the inner brains of a young 7-year old. 

His dad is a worker for the Church in the Music Department and TRG departments. He sees his dad go off to work for God every single day. He hears this in our morning and evening family prayers. So naturally, for him to have a service to God, it must be his grown-up responsibility too.

His mom for the past 3.5 years has been a SAHM. (Stay at home mom) I did most of my work in my pajamas. My labors are not easily seen, and that’s ok. Like most things about our mothers, one day, he will get all the crazy that I have done to him and with him and for him.

The truth is, as a servant of God, through membership in His holy church- we are each going off to work for God every single day.

Whether we serve God directly, or at a j-o-b with a human boss, or as the human boss  so that we can have the means to do our responsibilities, or at home keeping the family life doable on one income,  this is exactly where God wants us.

We have daily duties to Him.


Today, my son began firm roots in the choir. What an incredible way to learn discipline, harmony, sacrifice, compassion and faith. He brings his “work” home with him and we all benefit, his little sister knows all the words to any hymn he’s studied aloud. My heart melts when he begins to sing hymns or is eager to study the music.

My son carries this duty with him wherever he goes, often reminding me about his choir schedule, choir attire, snacks for before choir practice, and his concerns about how to do things that choir members do.

I remember the day of my first performance in the children’s worship service choir. Chicago, IL. Sometime in the summer, as the ice-cream trucks were waiting for us outside the chapel.

A crisply pleated white robe. Sitting next to my childhood best friend who also started the choir at the same time. I think that experience bonded us like no other.

I don’t remember the exact hymns we sang, but I remember standing up a little too early and sitting down a little too late. I was the little girl at the end of the first row. I felt like a big girl. I was 7 years old with my very own hymnal book and a mom and dad that did all they could to help me experience this duty.

So today, I jot down these memories so my son will know his starting roots.

He really is a choir-for. A choir member for God.

Congratulations anak ko, we have so many prayers for you.

Forces your mindset on what God can do for you. Embrace His masterplan and Enjoy Valuable moments like singing to God.

First performance as a choir member

First performance as a choir member


Balanced Summer Fun for Kids and Moms

Creating the INCRedible Family Summer Break

Summer break memories include crazy-water-fun, lazy-fun, chasing-fireflies-fun, dripping-popsicle-fun, juicy-seeded-fruit-fun, waking-up-to-a-day-with-no-cares-fun, getting-to-stay-up-a-lot-late-fun and the-freedom-to-explore-fun. (I was thankfully raised in the midwest)

For my kids I can add: chasing beach waves fun, building sandcastles fun and visiting a new beach fun. (we love our Florida life)

Summer break for kids is fun.

Create balance in the summer time for your kids while they are on break from school but not on a break from life. Free printable summer checklists

There’s a whole other flip side to summer break though – and it’s the side that mom’s deal with. Being a mom in charge of the summer is not fun.



Celebrate Fathers

Projects and Ideas for Expressing Love to Dads of Little Kiddos

Celebrate Fathers Projects for Dads of Little Kids


There’s an appointed day to celebrate fathers in America. The 3rd Sunday in June.

Father’s day can really be any day you make it though.

I personally love to celebrate that which matters to me, every day. I’m a huge fan of week-long celebrations too. I love a good countdown. So perhaps, your effort to really put dad at the center of the spotlight could start today, and continue for a few more days.


What to Expect When You’re a First Time Cub Scout Mom

Lessons from Our Tiger Year

This is an extensive list of information about cub scouting for a family that is completely new to scouting. So much about cub scouting is assumed general knowledge, possibly because families that are in, do it for life, so each generation is just repeating what they already know.

Scouting is for every family, whether you know how to camp or not. It is a wonderful tradition and a great way for a family to grow together.



Training Little Children for Worship Service – Part 2

Stage By Stage Guide for Thriving In The Nursery

In the age of the WWW, a mama will google everything about motherhood in addition to downloading all the apps and reading all the new parenting books which are currently in their tween and teen editions.

For each stage of your baby’s growth there are resources galore to help you track developmentally  their physical health, their mental health and your physical health as well as your mental health.

What about your baby’s spiritual health? What about your spiritual health?

iwacy_mamas in the nursery2



Training Little Children for Worship Service – Part 1

Tips, Stories, Strategies and Grace for Mamas in the Nursery

A little child is truly a gift from God.

As parents it is our duty to train them up in the way they should go. We also have a sacred obligation to teach faith in the home and help our even our little children connect with God.

They are His little ones. Given to us.  So that they can be great kids. So that they can become great adults. Adults that can worship and choose to worship Him too.


iwacy_mamas in the nursery


Train Children to Be Still

Kids Can Make Great Behavior Choices

The Word “Behave”  is confusing for Kids.


As a classroom teacher of speakers of other languages, it  confused them when I told them to “behave.”  They heard the sternness in my voice and saw my raised-eyebrow and firm lip line, but were perplexed with the words: “You need to behave.”


“Pint Size Prayers”
by Faith & Family - INCMedia

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Pint Sized Prayers


I was so honored that this topic was gifted to me. Not only did I get to join a mentor and dear friend of mine in a conversation on teaching little people how to pray, I got to work with the talented Mariel Gutierrez. It’s a goal of mine to surround myself with dedicated and talented parents.

Teaching little people how to pray?!

If there’s ONE skill you need to make sure your children have, it’s the ability to hold a conversation with God. Those will be the most important conversations of their entire life.

The podcast does not give you a step by step on how to get them praying  but hopefully helps you realize that our children are really paying attention to us, their parents, and we can totally give them useful examples of the benefits of a healthy relationship with their Creator.

Reflections on the Gift of Marriage

People always tease my husband “How did you get so lucky?”

I’m writing this post to officially demonstrate that I am the lucky one.

My husband proposed to me with a song he wrote.

He has actually written a song for every stage of our relationship.

  • The falling into-like-song
  • The falling-in-love song
  • The break-up song
  • The I-still-love-you song
  • The fake-out proposal song. (–Yes, the guy wrote a song to sing to me after he asked my dad for permission to marry. He performed it, kissed my hand and left to go home. There are no. english. words. )  
  • The real proposal song, and then–
  • The song he gifted to me on the day of our wedding


11 Ideas to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Working Within Your Means to Deepen Your Marriage


Planning your Wedding Anniversary celebration should be a major deal.

Major deals do not require major expenses. Major deals require thoughtful planning, intentional choices and putting the needs of your marriage on your calendar.


This is a short list [in great detail] of some ways that you can really invest in your marriage and celebrate it fully. Most of these do not cost anything in addition to what you already have going on in your life.